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Hachi's Sewing Room by hiritai Hachi's Sewing Room by hiritai

This took a while to put together but I am super happy with how it is so far. I hope to add more, and eventually I aspire to make it her bedroom. I love loveloveeeee making furniture, and it's especially fun to make such cutesey stuff ;0; The table will be white too, I ran out of paint. She also has a rug under the table for her feet now. AWWWWW HACHI AND HACHI THINGS MAKE ME HAPPY! ;~;

I HOPE YOU LIKE IT. Also don't be afraid to ask anything, I'm happy to answer questions about it all.


The sewing machine set is an Our Generation set that i bought from eBay. 100% worth it. There's also an American Girl set too, it's a bit more realistic.

Everything else was whipped up by me :) The walls are made of foamboard, with paper and contact for the wallpaper. They're put together with pins, and so I can take them apart and flat pack them. I have quite a few of them lol. In the end i hope to make this her entire bedroom, adding another wall, and I also hope to turn the woodgrain wall into traditional Japanese ricepaper windows and a door. Hachi live in an old shrine mansion.

Hachi is a Unoa Sist Mod. Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask :)
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xXCyanideLollipopXx Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  Student
What did you use for the molding? 
AvaInWonderland Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013
asdsfdsfs I don't even know *_*
This room, it looks AMAZING! >.<
I'm looking around for inspirations for making a (MSD sized) doll house, but this shot is just- wow!
I can only imagine how much fun it must've been to make this too! The chair looks more than great, did you use a tutorial from somewhere? I'd love to make a few of those as well, haha.

Also, do you use nails/a drill for your table and chair, or do you use some sort of glue? Maybe a combination of the two?
1mitsymoo Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Student General Artist
is that a hatsune miku poster? XP
SonicMasterHero Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012
Stitch who?
arcobaleno-girl Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2012

someone used this picture for a confession XD
t-tasha Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2012  Hobbyist
This is the absolute cutest thing I've seen. Possibly in my entire life.
Katara-izme Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012
this is so lovely!!! all of these beautiful things look good enough to buy from a shop!!
how...?! did you cut the wood and furniture all up? this is just.. WOW!
ilavchalupa Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Shes so lucky she has her own sewing room >.< an aaw i love this it so amazing awsomeness \
^ C ^/
whitespirit Featured By Owner May 30, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
That is too cute! QAQ
Ariemea Featured By Owner May 29, 2012
I must make another comment: Amazing set up for the room and fabulous photograph as well! (Also, the table is epic). <3
Ariemea Featured By Owner May 29, 2012
WANTWANTWANT dollie sized sewing machine! @__@
Very cute and amazing!
lemonpeanut Featured By Owner May 29, 2012
That room is adorable! As is Hachi ^^
BJDGirl Featured By Owner May 28, 2012   Artist
The set up is adorable,nice work so far!
manda-j-panda Featured By Owner May 27, 2012  Student Artist
Very cool! I wish I had the patience for this... I get frustrated trying to build things like this XD
starobots Featured By Owner May 27, 2012
Love it! I've always wanted to do something like this but lack the patience hahaha
GhostGirlx Featured By Owner May 27, 2012
whoooaaaa! How big is the doll and the room? looks so cute *____*
raemanzu Featured By Owner May 27, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
this is adorable... :D
Phoenixofdarkness62 Featured By Owner May 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Those mini posters are so perfect for her room, really. It's just zoo cool that you've had almost an entire room for her. :)
Bykashka Featured By Owner May 27, 2012
omg so sweet Hachi and her little sewing room :3
lajvio Featured By Owner May 27, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
OMG it's so adorable with to scale stuffs! :love: I really love hear sewing room, or room! It's so sweet and adorable!
FallMoonlitRose Featured By Owner May 27, 2012  Student Photographer
I love your set ups!! Seriously, it's like you have a mini village where you your house. o-o
If you ever made furniture, and sold it, I would totally save up to buy some, everything is so cute!!
emikachan Featured By Owner May 27, 2012
aww its just so cute, the set up looks great!
your so creative to have made and put this all together
I remember seeing you make a green sofa before, which was ausom!
Hachi looks like she loves it too <3
thepi-isalie Featured By Owner May 27, 2012
yume-pon Featured By Owner May 27, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
this set up is amazing!!!! wow all those doll size sewing things > _ <! I love it.
sabrian Featured By Owner May 27, 2012
how long did it take you? I mean, hours per day. I'm curious of how you can keep it up
looks lovely by the way
hiritai Featured By Owner May 27, 2012
Thnakyou very much ^^
Probably an hour and a half or so a day for four days-ish? I had a quite a bit of help cutting things because I'm weak lol, and double sided tape makes everything SO much quicker to dry than glue, so the walls and things were done within half an hour, because i didn't have to use any glue. I pin the balsa wood after gluing together which helps too, plus there's so more double sided tape XD;;
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